EAPC President message, July 2015

vrijdag 31 juli 2015 / Categorieën: Internationaal

Dear Members,

This is my first message as newly elected President of EAPC. I am honoured to have received your support to lead the EAPC over the next four years and I look forward to serving the community to the best of my ability and to strengthen the position of EAPC as the world leader in palliative care for the future.

We are in a time of change. As many of you will know, Heidi Blumhuber stepped down as Chief Executive in May after 25 years working for EAPC. She was the hub of the organization and we are very grateful to all that she offered above and beyond the role of a Chief Executive to keep us focused and in good financial shape. We will miss her wisdom, spirit, fun and above all belief in what we do as an international palliative care community. We wish her well in her retirement but I think she will busy as ever with new projects for her and Franco.

In January, the new Chief Executive, Dr Julie Ling, took up post and I have been working closely with her and Dr Amelia Giordano, Executive Officer at Head Office in Milan, to manage the leadership transition. Julie comes with a wealth of knowledge, clinically, academically and in leadership. As in any major change, it takes a few months to get a full understanding of how things work and in particular, the nuances of Italian laws and regulations which gives us plenty of reading to do. Fortunately, we have Amelia to guide us through the complexities and have the additional support of Ms. Silvana Gori to help us until the end of this year. To add to this, we have a new financial office to manage the accounts, investments and governance of the organization. We wish to thank Dr. Silvio Necchi and colleagues and welcome Dr. Giovanni Rivetta and his son Dr. Paolo Rivetta whom we will work with in the coming years. As we manage all these changes we ask that you bear with us as we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Click here (http://www.eapcnet.eu/Corporate/AbouttheEAPC/Presidentsmessages/Message2015.aspx) to read more.

My best wishes to you all,

Phil Larkin

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