PHPCI 2022 - 7th international public health palliative care conference

23 september 2022 Congressen Leden: Agenda Agenda
PHPCI 2022 - 7th international public health palliative care conference

Brugge, België

There is increasing recognition that the challenges around serious illness, caregiving, dying and bereavement go beyond the scope of professional health care services. Promoting health and wellbeing in these domains entails societal and civic responses complementary to health service responses. For instance, governments, health and wellbeing organizations, workplaces, schools, churches, neighborhoods and health care services can collaborate to develop supportive social environments, policies, health services, skills and community action.

In order to bring together the state of the art in science and practice of public health and palliative care, the international association Public Health Palliative Care International is organizing every second year a world congress and this will be the 7th conference.

The 7th international public health palliative care conference will be held over a 4 day period, from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 September 2022, in the heart of the beautiful historical city of Bruges, Belgium. The conference is hosted by the End-of-Life Care Research Group, in collaboration with PHPCI, EAPC Reference Group on Public Health and Palliative Care, EAPC Research Network, the City of Bruges and Compassionate Bruges.

The conference brings together leading innovators, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, representatives of civic society in the public health palliative care approach. There is a significantly growing body of evidence about public health approaches at the end of life and this conference signals a new era for international research and practice. The PHPCI2022 conference will provide a critical and groundbreaking platform for sharing best-practice examples and evidence from research from around the world and across Europe.

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